The fact is, accidents happen! Things can breakdown, get damaged, lost or even stolen. 

Through our FlexiCare Protect feature, goods leased under an active SmartWay Lease Agreement, are protected against theft, accidental loss or accidental damage anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in the world during a trip of 28 days or less*.

We will also temporarily waive your payment obligations in the case of certain specified events such as involuntary unemployment, disablement, terminal illness or death*.

For us, it’s all about giving you peace of mind should something go wrong.

FlexiCare Excluded Goods:

The following goods will be excluded from FlexiCare benefits and will not be eligible for consideration of repair or replacement in the event of accidental damage, accidental loss or theft on lease contracts dated from:

1 May 2019 – Electronic devices that their primary purpose is to ‘fly’ and/or ‘float’ (eg. Drones, remote control planes/helicopters/boats).

See the full terms and conditions in the Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions booklet for any exclusions, exceptions and basis of settlement etc.