Snip Vasectomy Clinic

Shop at Snip Vasectomy Clinic with humm

Shopping at Snip Vasectomy Clinic just got easier. With humm, you can buy now and pay later with regular, interest-free instalments.

How do you shop at Snip Vasectomy Clinic with humm?

You can shop with the humm app and create a bar code. Give the barcode to Snip Vasectomy no later than the day prior to your appointment and they will key in the code to process your payment.

How do I apply?

If you’re new to Humm little things, you can download the app or sign up on online.

To process your payment with The Snip Vasectomy Clinic please contact them no later than the day prior to your procedure; then follow the prompts on the Humm App/online. Approvals are instant (if you qualify), so you can start using Humm little things right away.

If humm big things is available at Snip Vasectomy Clinic, you can apply via app or online (lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply).


Any questions?

We’ve wrapped up some of the common questions in our FAQs below.
If we’ve missed something, you can get in touch with us here.

Get the humm app and buy now pay later.