Hit your fitness targets this winter

A woman listening to music while running on treadmill

Whatever way you like to workout, here are some tools to keep your exercise regime on track this winter. 

During the long winter months it can be tough finding the motivation to keep your fitness regime on track. Low temperatures coupled with dark evenings tend to inspire movie marathons rather than the actual running kind. As much as we’d all like to just curl up on the couch and eat delicious hearty meals all winter long, it’s important to keep moving and give your body the best nutrition you can to stay at your best physically and mentally. 

Here are a few items to help you keep your fitness plan on track this season.

Dress for the weather this winter

At this time of year, you’ll need better protection from the elements when exercising outdoors, or going to and from the gym. Invest in quality gear that will keep you warm but that’s also breathable so you’re not feeling suffocated while exercising. Champion and Rockwear both have plenty of fitness clothing to suit the season. 

If you do a lot of outdoor exercise, you’ll also need a strong waterproof jacket, hat and runners with good grip for those rainy days, or on the rare occasion that it is a little icy. Ezytuned has a range of stylish runners and hats from big names like Nike and Asics so you can look the part while you’re out and about. 

The better protection you have, the more likely you’ll get out there and brave it. Because no one wants to come home shivering or like a drowned rat – that’s a sure fire way of getting sick. 

Make eating healthy easy with a food delivery service

Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand. If you’re maintaining a good fitness regime then you’re more likely to be conscious of what you’re putting in your body and vice versa. To ensure you’re getting all the right nutrients your body needs to perform at its best this winter, why not sign up to a food delivery service that aligns with your needs? That way you know that your fridge will always be stocked up with nutritious ingredients so you can prepare healthy meals and snacks. 

Tune in to the latest fitness tech

We spend so much time on our smartphones, so it makes sense that we utilise them for fitness purposes. There are numerous apps you can download to help you keep fit in a way you actually enjoy. Whether your passion is salsa dancing, aerobics or yoga, you can be sure to find what you need. Just select a fitness class to suit your mood and work up a sweat for 30 or 40 minutes in the comfort of your own home. The best part is you can jump in the shower and rug up straight afterwards – no waiting around for gym showers or sitting in smelly clothes on the drive home. 

If you love setting and achieving fitness goals then you might enjoy using a smartwatch to keep track of your progress. The latest technology tracks your heart rate, bloody oxygen, sleeping patterns and movement. They will even prompt you to drink water! All that and you can still accept/reject phone calls and read texts. 

Invest in your home gym 

If you can barely bring yourself to leave the house during those winter months, then why not bring the gym to you. There are so many options when it comes to at-home fitness equipment, so think about the amount of space you have at home and what you are likely to get the most use out of. Perhaps you’d like to pedal your way through your favourite TV series, or set up a walking treadmill at your desk while you work from home. 

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you could invest in an exercise mat, free weights and/or resistance bands, allowing you to build up your strength without even setting foot in a gym. Verve and Rug and Rig offer a wide range of fitness equipment. 

BNPL to hit your fitness targets

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