We want to reassure you that our Security and Fraud Teams have heightened monitoring to further protect our humm customers. This includes implementing additional steps to verify customers’ identities.

We encourage our humm customers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to us immediately.

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Tips on staying cyber safe

  • Be on alert for suspicious activity such as unexpected transactions or alerts.
  • Look out for unusual or unexpected communications including emails, SMS, phone-calls or messages on social media, particularly those requesting account information or passwords. Spelling mistakes, a sense of urgency or unknown domain names are other signs that something is suspicious. If in doubt, report it. A reminder that we would never ask for your account details or password via email or SMS.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links. Always inspect links before opening them to make sure the destination domain name matches the real one of the business or organisation, in our case
  • Stay on top of current scams by visiting the Australian Government

We’re here to help with any security concerns

If you ever think you may have been exposed to fraud or clicked on a suspicious link unintentionally, please get in touch with us by visiting the contact us page on our website. We also recommend that you block suspicious numbers and change your humm password if this occurs.