Think big with humm

Buy Now Pay Later isn’t just for the little things. Find out how humm can help you cover major purchases. 

BNPL has become a popular tool in recent years, allowing shoppers to upgrade their wardrobes and kit out their homes in a way that is convenient for them. As a result, many people assume that BNPL platforms are just for small, day-to-day purchases, but that’s not always the case. 

Unlike typical BNPL platforms, there’s a lot more you can cover with humm. Humm is a tool that can be used for significant purchases of up to $30,000, making it a game changer when it comes to covering the big costs in life. 

Travel with peace of mind using humm

Take travel, for example. Whether you’re planning a round-the-world solo trip or taking a few weeks out to enjoy a honeymoon with your spouse, the costs quickly add up. In fact, the average cost of a honeymoon for an Australian couple is $7,307 for a 15-day trip. And after paying for a wedding, that is a significant outlay. 

It can take years to save for the perfect trip, and there will always be additional costs that you hadn’t factored in and are not prepared for. With humm you can book and pay for all the important stuff in advance and keep your savings aside for any unexpected surprises that crop up on your travels. 

Spending big on your home? Humm can help

Another major financial milestone in life is when you buy your first home. You’re already feeling the pressure financially as you enter the wonderful world of mortgages. Then, having to cover the cost of furniture, redesign and home renos can be crippling. 

Humm can cover the cost of appliances, furniture, renovations such as kitchen, bathroom and flooring, and the addition of things like home shutters and blinds for added security. 

Stay on top of school fees with humm

Investing in education for you or your family is another major expense you are likely to incur in life, and it’s important to have a financial plan to manage this. With humm, you can cover most BPay bills upfront and pay them off later. This means that education is not compromised and neither is family finances. 

While day-to-day expenses are often front of mind, it’s important to know that when the time comes to make a large purchase, you can do so in a way that works for you. With humm, purchases up to $30,000 can be paid off in between six to 60 months, and the humm app is designed to help you stay on top of repayments. 

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