Run the numbers with the humm calculator

Curious about BNPL? You can find out the amount and frequency of your repayments in advance with the humm calculator. Here’s how.

BNPL just got a lot easier thanks to a nifty calculator that allows you to work out exactly how much you need to repay and when.

Below, and on our How it works page, you will find an easy-to-use calculator which will help you understand how much you will owe and how often you will need to make repayments before you commit.

How to use the humm calculator

The humm calculator explains your options and gives you the freedom to choose a repayment plan that works for you.

Say you want to spend $900 with humm. Being under $2,000, this is classified as a “Little things” purchase and should be repaid within five months.

Simply type $900 into the humm calculator and hit “Calculate”. This will give you two options:

Pay it off quickly i.e. in less than three months; in this case, repayments would be $90/week or $180/fortnight


Take some more time i.e. the full five months; in this case, repayments are $45/week or $90/fortnight, plus an $8 monthly account keeping fee.

When it comes to bigger purchases, between $2,000 and $30,000, different repayment options apply depending on the retailer that you are making the purchase from. Typically, if you’re spending $12,000 with humm, for example, you are likely to have three different repayment periods available to you.

The shortest period is 36 months at $154/fortnight. The next option is to repay over 40 months at $138/fortnight. The longest period available for this amount is 50 months, which will be at $111/fortnight.


Additional charges to consider with bigger purchases

It’s important to note when using the humm calculator that the repayment amount does not include a monthly fee of $8 which applies to payment plans 5 months or more. You will only be charged a single monthly fee regardless of the number of active payment plans you have.

For the ‘Big things’, an establishment fee of $35 – $90 will also apply if you are new to humm, or, if you have an open account, you will benefit from a lower $22 Additional Purchase fee. Deposit options will vary by retailer, with some offering no deposit options. Speak with your humm retailer for more information.

BNPL with confidence using humm

Thanks to humm’s transparency around repayment plans and fees, you can buy what you need with confidence. Humm allows you to gain access to products right away and pay it back later, knowing that you have all the information about your payment plan available at your fingertips. Want to get started with humm?

Check out the humm calculator to find out what your repayments could look like.


Run the numbers with humm


*The repayments shown are rounded up to the nearest dollar. The repayment amount does not include the monthly fee of $8. Only a single monthly fee will be charged regardless of the number of active payment plans you have. An establishment fee of $30 - $110 will also apply if you are new to humm, or a $29 repeat purchase fee if you’ve used humm before. This calculator is only a guide; not all merchants support all financed amounts up to $30,000. Please check with the specific merchant.