What you need to know about planning your next holiday

Planning your next getaway? Our travel experts share top tips on holidaying at home and abroad.

After nearly two years of travel restrictions, Australians are finally booking that long-awaited overseas trip and travelling interstate to visit family and friends.

According to travel tech business TRAVLR, demand for domestic travel increased throughout lockdown, but now that borders are reopening, international travel is high on the agenda.

“There has been a phobia of “missing out” over the last two years, so Australians are looking for new and exciting experiences,” said Simon te Hennepe, CEO and founder, TRAVLR.

“There has been increased interest in our international trips, and we expect this demand to continue to grow.”

Simon said the top motivation for travel is visiting family and friends, particularly over the Christmas and holiday season, but, after the stresses of the last two years, so many are desperate to escape to somewhere different and relax.

The unfortunate reality is that with so much demand, the costs go up.

“Prices have risen significantly,” Simon said. “However, there are many travel packages on offer for affordable holiday experiences.”

What to consider when booking an overseas trip

Simon points to Bali, Thailand and Fiji as the most affordable international destinations to visit from Australia and says they are hot spots for travellers. Of course, neighbouring New Zealand also has a lot to offer travellers looking to escape.

“New Zealand offers great experiences, with curated itineraries on offer to suit both budget and travel fulfilment,” he said.

Simon’s advice is to think about what you want from your travel experience, do your research and make sure that you have peace of mind that travel is refundable should you need to cancel.

“Find something new and exciting – we are all craving an unforgettable experience,” he said.

Costs of a holiday in Australia vs overseas

Holidaying within Australia is a great option, if you are trying to reduce costs, according to Matt Gudge, Head of Marketing at The Big Red Group

“The average cost for a domestic holiday is about $193 per person in Australia, according to Budget Direct, but the average cost of an international holiday is $233 per person, per night,” Matt said. 

“People are spending less in Australia when they holiday here, but part of that is they’re spending less time here. They don’t have to include flights and all the auxiliary costs associated with international travel.”

While Australia is often branded an expensive place to travel, Matt says if you “travel like a tourist” it’s the same as any other country with a similar economy.

Australians spending more on experiences

In Australia, Matt has found that many travellers are turning to glamping and luxury retreats in regional areas.

“They want to pamper themselves and do something different,” he said.

Matt’s advice to keep costs low is to book getaways or experiences for off-peak times.

“If budget is your challenge, look for things that are on midweek. Things like hot air ballooning and other experiences are incredibly busy at the weekends, so everything gets more expensive,” he said.

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