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humm is the new way to buy large purchases without the lump sum.

Apply online from €1 to €30,000

From €1 to €30,000

Get approved online or in-store on purchases up to €30,000 in value.

Freedom to pay now

Freedom to pay now

You can pay off your monthly balance in full on due date for no fees.

calendar icon, Freedom to pay later

Freedom to pay later

Choose flexible repayment plans from fortnightly instalments all the way up to 60 months.

How it Works

Apply Online

Go through our online application process.

When approved you can use your limit to shop with humm.

Shop now online or in-store

Visit a humm retailer website or in-store and go through the normal check-out process.

Ensure you choose humm at the checkout.

Complete Purchase

Ensure your total purchase is equal or less than your approved amount.

If in-store, the shop assistant will help you.

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