Health & Beauty with humm
Ready to prioritize yourself and embrace a world of wellness and beauty? With humm, you're not just making a choice; you're making the best choice.

Benefits of Investing in Health/Beauty

Transform with Humm

With humm, you’re not just accessing treatments; you’re ensuring quality and care. Our esteemed partners, from cosmetic clinics to dental centers, uphold the pinnacle of professional standards. Experience beauty and health solutions with no hidden surprises, just transparent payments and transformative results.

Before taking your Health & Beauty Leap

Every individual’s journey is unique. Whether you’re considering a cosmetic enhancement, a vital health procedure, or simply indulging in beauty treatments, always choose what resonates with your personal goals. With humm’s diverse range of partners and transparent payment solutions, you’re empowered to make decisions that align with your aspirations and well-being.

Dive into a world of beauty, health, and confidence with humm, where every choice is a step towards a better you.






Apply or login

You will be directed to the humm portal to login or apply. If approved you can use your limit to shop with humm.


Shop now online

Visit a humm retailer website, add your items to your shopping cart, click checkout.

If humm is an available checkout option, you’ll be directed to our purchase page to complete your purchase.

(Note: You can not part pay online.)


Complete purchase

Ensure your total purchase is equal to or less than your approved amount.

Once you are logged in, follow the steps to complete a purchase.


Have a humm approval

Have your mobile ready as you will need to provide your humm acceptance code to complete the purchase.

If you do not have an approval, you will need to apply for before going in-store.


Shop with in-store humm retailers

Visit any humm retailer store.

At the checkout tell the store assistant you would like to pay with humm. You can use your full approval or part pay with humm.


Complete purchase

The store assistant will help you complete the process.

Documents Required

  • Be 18+
  • PPS Number & Address Proof
  • Be an Irish citizen or a permanent resident of Ireland
  • Earn a minimum taxable Income of €1500+ per month – joint / spouse account not acceptable
  • Have current debit / credit card
  • Have a good credit history


New Customer

We’re a retail instalment payment plan facility! In simple terms, we’re an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card for goods offered by our Retail Partners.
humm allows you to spread the cost of your purchase across our partner stores. Each store has different plans to offer, so best check plans with your chosen partner store (retailer). It’s that simple!
Complete a humm application (please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer) and we will assess it for you. If you are approved for finance with humm, you can use this approval to make purchases in multiple Retail Partner Stores!

Once you’re approved you can proceed to make the purchase (in-store or online) and only need to provide your mobile number at the checkout!  You will have the option to view the terms before you complete the purchase contract both in store with the retailer sales representative or online checkout. It is important to do this as terms of contract differ from retailer, by amount and interest/fees. Please note that you will need to provide card details from where we will take the future installments.

You can use one single approval to purchase more than one product, and at more than one store too.

For fees and interest information including our interest free options, select the retailer you wish to use click here to shop. Once you have found the retailer you’d like to shop from, click on the get a quote button to see all available options for that retailer.

To be eligible for humm you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Provide proof of PPS number & address
  • Be an Irish citizen or permanent resident of Ireland
  • Earn a minimum taxable income of €1,500 per month- joint spouse/partner income not taken into consideration
  • Have a current credit/debit card and a photo ID
  • Have a good credit history


Unfortunately there is no way of predicting if you will be approved or not, or what is the maximum amount you can be approved. You will need to complete our application form and go through the assessment in order to get an answer. 

You can check all of our partners by clicking here. There you will be able to select the desired category and even filter the results by brand, location and purchase options: in-store and online.

Once you find the desired partner, choose ‘get a quote’ option and input the amount you wish to spend and the details of available payments plans will then be available to you.

Instore you can choose to pay some of the costs of the purchase using humm and cash/card for the balance.
This isn’t currently available through online checkout. You will need to have sufficient approval level to complete the online purchase with humm.