Important Information

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

We’re making changes to the Terms and Conditions for our Retail Instalment Plans. We’ve put the most important things for you to know here with a copy of the full new Terms.

The new Terms will apply from Monday 4 March 2024.

Summary of the main changes

  • We’ve made it clearer that the Dishonour Fee for late payments will be charged where any payment to us is late by more than 24 hours.
  • We’ve explained that any unpaid fees will be added to the outstanding balance of your account, which means you will be charged interest at the Standard Variable Rate on unpaid fees.
  • We’ve clarified that we may engage debt collection agents to help us recover payments and fees owed to us, and you may be contacted by a debt recovery agent on our behalf.
  • We’ve added a new section explaining what happens when a retailer agrees to cancel or refund all or part of a purchase you’ve made using credit from us.
  • We’ve added more information about how you can make early or additional payments to us, and how we treat such payments.
  • We’ve made it clearer that where you have a dispute with the retailer about any purchase made using humm credit, you must attempt to resolve this with the retailer before we can provide you with assistance. We’ve clarified that you must also continue to make your payments to us to avoid your account going into arrears.

Get in touch with us if you need help with understanding these changes. You can visit our help centre here. If you’re not happy with the changes, you can close your account with us at any time by repaying any money you owe.