5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now

Has it been so long since you travelled, you’ve forgotten how to? Don’t stress, we can help make sure your next trip is everything you dreamed of and more.

As the country and the world slowly begin to open up, the reality of travelling is inching closer and closer. All those holiday plans and bucket list activities you’ve had to put on hold may well be back on the cards. As exciting as that is, it’s no surprise if you’re unsure of where to even begin on your next holiday plan. Enter DealsAway, an Australian travel agency offering the best holidays to the best places.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider making your next trip a DealsAway holiday.

1. Simply pack and go!

5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now 1

Flights, accommodation, transport, activity bookings, food, insurance, the list goes on and on. If you’re starting to feel anxious just reading this, we don’t blame you. Planning for a holiday can be just as exciting as it is stressful, especially when it’s been a long time coming.

A DealsAway holiday covers all the finer details so you can just focus on being excited. You will have a dedicated concierge team who can organise your schedule and ensure you experience the best your destination has to offer. Simply choose your favourite trip and leave the rest to the professionals. The only thing not included is packing your bags.

2. Get the best prices on the market

5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now 2

When you’re travelling, you always want to ensure you’re getting the most bang out of your buck. And with it, comes hours, if not days of researching to find the cheapest price available. But when it comes to a DealsAway holiday, you can be confident that you’re getting the best prices on the market. This is because DealsAway partners with local tour and accommodation providers to provide you with cheaper rates than if you were to book independently.

Plus, if you did manage to find a cheaper price, DealsAway’s Best Deal Guarantee means they’ll beat it by 10%. Now, that’s a win!

3. Protect yourself against plan changes

5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now 3

No matter how far you’re going or how long you’re going for, there’s always one thing that looms in the back of our minds when it comes to booking any trip. It’s part of the new normal, so it’s natural for you to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The DealsAway team can help you sort out travel insurance, and you can have peace of mind knowing your trip is covered by Covid Booking Flexibility.

So, if anything happens. Your trip can be easily scheduled for another time or have your entire trip refunded*.

*Conditions apply.

4. Experience unique tours and activities

5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now 4

Travelling is all about new experiences and ensuring you get the most out of your holiday. But what do you choose when you’ve got limited time and money but endless opportunities?

DealsAway makes it easy for you with set experiences for each destination. These experiences are chosen so you can really get to know the local community, the traditions, foods and of course, the people. You’ll be provided with an itinerary that will help you plan out how to best spend your time and ensure every minute of it is memorable and worthwhile.

Don’t worry, it won’t be so jam-packed that you can’t find time to simply enjoy a cocktail by the pool.

5. There’s a trip for everyone

5 reasons to book a DealsAway holiday now 5

DealsAway offers numerous packages available that cater to various trip lengths, location preferences and budget. Once you’ve decided where to go, that’s it. You’re all set! Mark down the day on your calendar and start the countdown.

Enjoy a fully organised holiday without the stress and worry. Are you ready to start exploring again? You can pay off any DealsAway trip in interest-free instalments with humm.