How to stay cool in summer with roller shutters

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to talk about ways to stay cool in your home. And roller shutters could help.

With Australia’s crisp winters and scorching hot summers, we can all be guilty of leaning a little too heavily on the A/C, sending energy costs soaring – which isn’t good for your pocket or the planet. But it’s not the only way to effectively manage the temperature in your home. 

Outdoor roller shutters can offer weather protection and temperature control all year round, as well as added privacy and security.

Roller shutter protection in winter and summer

Roller shutters can be installed in every type of home, in any opening such as a doorway or a window, to help insulate the home in winter and act as a barrier from the heat in summer, keeping the inside temperature cool.

Madeline Grice, marketing assistant at outdoor shutters company Modern Group, said roller shutters can even bring down the cost of bills.

“They can help lower energy costs by insulating the home and reducing the need to use heating and cooling systems,” Madeline said.

During extreme weather such as high winds and storms, the shutters protect windows from being shattered by wind or fallen branches. And in bushfire-prone areas, the shutters can offer an added layer of protection, preventing flying embers from entering the home. Modern Group’s shutters meet the Building Code of Australia BAL30 (Bushfire Attack Level), meaning they can withstand extreme fire conditions.

How roller shutters can reduce noise and light entering your home

For the shift workers among us, roller shutters can be a game changer. They are strong enough to block out both the light and heat from outside.

“They are really popular with shift workers, because if you’re working the night shift and you need to rest during the day, you need to get that real nighttime feel,” Madeline said.

And if you live in a busy area, roller shutters can also help to reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. So, you don’t need to bury your head in the pillow when your neighbour starts mowing the lawn or the local school playground fills up at lunchtime.

Securing your home with roller shutters

While temperature, light and noise control are all great things to have for a more comfortable living situation, there’s nothing more important than keeping yourself and your family safe.

According to research by Budget Direct, Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world. So it’s important to ensure that you safeguard your home against potential intruders.

Windows are the weakest part of your home and a key entry point for burglars. An open or delicate window can facilitate ‘crimes of opportunity where the perpetrator sees that they have the chance to break in and seizes it.

Roller shutters can shut off this access point and also offer an additional level of privacy, from prying eyes.

“Roller shutters add extra protection to the weakest points of a home (windows) and also provide complete block out so intruders (and noisy neighbours) can’t see in,” Madeline said.

Types of outdoor roller shutters

Modern Group offers two different types of roller shutters, the MOD 400 and the MOD 55, with the latter designed for wider openings. There are also three different open systems: manual, battery-operated and electrical.

When it comes to aesthetics, there are 11 colours to choose from as well as a square or round headbox.

Madeline said your choice of roller shutters depends on individual needs, budget and the size of the opening.

“Every client will have a consultation in the home, where the installer will talk through the different options and work out the best solution for the client’s needs,” Madeline said.

Fortunately, Modern Group does all the hard work, customers just need to make sure that the area is clear.

If you’re considering adding outdoor roller shutters to your home, humm can help you manage the cost over an extended period.

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