Is buy now pay later right for me?

Need something right now but you don’t have the cash to pay for it, but know you’ll have the money soon? 

Then buy now pay later might be right for you.

Buy now pay later lets you buy what you need right now and then pay back the balance in slices, interest free.

It’s great for unexpected purchases, from car servicing to dental work, or even the little must have things, like that new dress.

It’s a bit like a modern version of lay-by, where you get the item up-front (when you need it) rather than having to wait until you’ve paid all the instalments. 

With no interest and ability to ‘spend’ up to $30,000, financially buy now pay later is a better option than using your credit card or taking out a personal loan.

It can also be a better way to manage your money, with repayments set out in ‘slices’, so you can pay off the purchase without having to sacrifice everything else.

Of course, you may need to meet certain criteria before being approved, particularly for the big things, and we are just as keen as you are to see you keep your spending under control. Our handy app will let you know how much you still owe and when your next repayment is due, helping you better manage your cash-flow.

Buy now pay later may be particularly good for you if:

  • You urgently need something now that affects your quality of life, ie root canal
  • You are good at managing your money to pay off the required instalments on time
  • You don’t want to use a credit card or personal loan and accrue interest on top of your original purchase price
  • You want choices and flexibility about how you are spending and managing your money

If you’re looking for an easy and interest free solution to buy Little Things and Big Things take a closer look at humm and sign up today.