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bundll New Zealand closed on 26 June 2022.

The closure of bundll is due to consolidation of our customer product offerings. Basically, that means we’re narrowing our focus to a few core products and we invite you to look at our other products including Q Mastercard, Flight Centre Mastercard, or Farmers Mastercard to see if they are right for you.

Please be aware that:

  • You can continue using bundll as usual until 26 June 2022.

  • Any balances owing will continue to be debited from your funding source on the scheduled due dates until repaid in full (which may fall after 26 June).

  • You can change your selected funding source if you prefer to use an alternative debit or credit card for your final payments.

  • Once your total amount owing has been paid in full, we’ll close your bundll account.


Any remaining amounts due will be deducted from your Selected Funding Source on each Payment Date. For example, if you have an existing Superbundll with 6 equal payments and you have already made 2 of the 6 payments, then each of the remaining 4 Superbundll payments will fall due on their respective Payment Dates.

Once you repay your pending balance, we’ll close the account and will send you an account closure email. The end of cycle statement after you’ve paid your balance will be your final statement.

You will be able to log in to your Bundll NZ mobile app and make purchases until 26 June 2022. You will cease to have access to your bundll mobile app once we close your bundll Account.