What are the causes of male infertility?

Infertility issues may impact only one individual or both. Male infertility affects around half of all infertile couples. Sometimes there is no apparent cause, although sometimes certain symptoms can be obvious such as problems with sexual function, recurrent respiratory infections, inability to smell, abnormal breast growth and decrease in facial or body hair.

Male infertility can be caused by many factors such as acute/chronic infections, lifestyle choices and certain medications or treatments. The following list includes some of the most common causes of male infertility but is not exhaustive. 

Infertility causes in men may include:

Problems with sperm delivery – caused by sexual issues or specific hereditary disorders such as cystic fibrosis, anatomical issues such as testicular obstruction or damage or injury to the reproductive system.

Environmental overexposure factors – Excessive exposure to environmental elements such as pesticides and other chemicals, as well as radiation. Smoking and alcohol, anabolic steroids and drugs used to treat bacterial infections, high blood pressure and depression can all have an impact on fertility. Heat exposure on a regular basis such as in saunas and hot tubs can elevate body temperature and impair sperm production.

Abnormal sperm function or production – can be caused by a genetic defect, health issues such as diabetes, or other sexually transmitted infections. Varicoceles or enlarged veins in the scrotum can also potentially impact sperm quality.

Cancer treatment damage - Cancer and its treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy, can cause damage. Cancer treatment can significantly reduce sperm production.

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