Why pay upfront?  
When you have the option to pay with interest free* payment plans. 

Credit card interest? Who needs it? When you can Buy Now Pay Later with convenient interest free* payment plans Australia wide. With our convenient payment plans, you can obtain the funds you need now and pay them back at a later date, without any interest charges. Our payment plan option allows you to make purchases up to $30,000 for a wide range of items. 
humm provide a variety of payment options to make it more convenient for you to cover the costs of medical treatment, surgery, dental expenses, or any other needs you may have. Whether you’re seeking a payment plan for jewellery, solar panels, home improvement, or car repairs, humm can assist you in finding the right solution.

Pay it later always interest free!*

For the expected and unexpected. When it comes to life’s bigger expenses like solar panels, dental, IVF treatment, jewellery, home gym equipment, and home improvements, it’s important to have a payment plan option like humm that allows you to make the purchase now and pay for it later. This provides you with the flexibility and financial freedom to invest in these significant investments without having to worry about immediate payment.
In the past, credit cards were often seen as the go-to solution for purchasing expensive items. However, they also carried high interest rates, sometimes exceeding 20%. But now, with humm payment plan option, you have a new opportunity. You can acquire an item of up to $30,000 and enjoy 0% interest*.
How long do you get to pay it back? When applying online, you can secure a limit of up to $5,000, while in-store purchases can go up to $30,000. You have the flexibility to choose between 3, 6, 12, 24, or even 72 months interest free* repayment options based on the available deals with our merchants.
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How to pay in instalments with humm. 

Applying for our payment option is quick and hassle-free. No paperwork or interviews are necessary – just download our app and apply with ease. If your application is approved, you can access up to $5,000 when applying through the app or up to $30,000 when applying in-store. Enjoy repayment terms of up to 72 months, always interest free*!

Experience the Pay Later revolution with humm. 

humm payment plans have completely transformed the way we pay by empowering people to purchase items immediately and pay for them later, all without worrying about accumulating credit card interest. With humm, the list of places where you can enjoy this convenient payment option is expanding every day. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy essential big ticket items and be part of this growing trend.
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How to sign up to humm as a merchant and grow your sales. 

When customers can take it now and pay it later, the added affordability means they buy more. In fact, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has been shown to increase sales by up to 30% and lift repurchase rates by up to 80%. And you can sign up, and be up and humming in 48hrs.


Would your business like to offer humm?

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*Lending criteria, fees, T&Cs apply. humm has an establishment fee or repeat purchase fee, a monthly fee, and a late payment fee if you miss an instalment. You can find the breakdown of our fees on the How it Works page


Getting started

We’re a responsible provider of credit which means we need to take a few things into consideration when we assess your application. We may take a look at your credit score when you apply, but don’t worry, simply applying for humm won’t affect your score at all or leave a record on your credit file. For more information read our FAQs.

To get a humm account you need to:

  • • are 18 years of age or older
  • • have a permanent job of 20+ hours per week or are on an aged or veteran’s pension
  • • meet our credit assessment criteria
  • • are permanently resident in Australia, and
  • • have a valid mobile number.

Read our FAQs to find out more information, and download the app to get started.

humm is Australia’s Bigger Buy Now Pay Later. That’s because with humm, you can make purchases up to $30,000 and pay it later – over up to 72 months – always interest free*.


*Lending criteria, fees, T&Cs apply. humm has an establishment fee or repeat purchase fee, a monthly fee, and a late payment fee if you miss an instalment.


With humm, repayments are spread over fortnightly or monthly repayments for up to 72 months, depending on the partner store’s available terms. When you apply, you nominate a funding source for repayments which can be a bank account, debit card or credit card. Once nominated, repayments are deducted automatically from the account when they fall due. The humm app shows a schedule of repayments so you can keep track.

In order to accept humm, a store needs to sign on and form a partnership with humm. There are more than 15,000 stores in Australia that now welcome humm, from Michael Hill to IKEA, dental to solar panels.

Use our online store search to find out where you can humm. Simply click the Shop tab or click here.

Like with any form of credit, failing to meet your repayment obligations as set out in the humm T&Cs could affect your credit rating and affect your ability to be approved for future loans where the application involves a credit check.

Check out the breakdown of our fees on our ‘How it works’ page. Click here to be directed to this page.