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At humm, we do Buy Now Pay Later a little differently. Instead of just focusing on the little joys in life, we want to allow our customers to fund whatever they need, both big and little.

Read more about how it all works, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Getting started

Here are a few simple things you’ll need in order to be eligible for humm:

  • You’ll need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Have a permanent job (at least 25 hours per week) or on an aged/veteran’s pension.
  • Not have declared bankruptcy (not insolvent).

Download the App below. Then, once it’s up and running, follow the steps and you’re good to go.

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At humm, we do Buy Now Pay Later a little differently. Instead of just focusing on the little joys in life, we want to allow our customers to fund whatever they need, both big and little. This means we’ve split our product in two; Little things for all of your purchases up to $2,000, and Big things for those purchases over $2,000 and all the way up to $30,000. They each have their own set of rules for approval, but no matter what, we never charge interest – ever.

Here’s a nifty little chart to help you understand how Little things and Big things work.

‘Little things’‘Big things’
Can apply for up to $2,000Get pre-approval up to $10,000
Repay in 5 or 10 instalments weekly or fortnightlyApply in-store for up to $30,000 depending on what you buy and where you shop
Repay and free up your balance to spend againRepay over 6, 12, 24 months all the way up to 60 months

You can buy stuff both online and in-store, here’s how:

Online – simply go to any website which has the humm logo (or choose from our onsite Store Directory), choose humm at checkout and you’ll be taken through humm to get your payment sorted.
In-Store – Open the humm App to create a barcode and use this at checkout to make your purchase, they’ll scan it or key in the code manually.

To buy a Big Thing, apply on the humm App before you shop, letting us know how much you’d like pre-approved Up to $10,000. If you don’t have a set amount in mind, we can offer you one.

You’ll need to share access to your bank statements for information that will help us with the approval process during your application. Once approved, we’ll generate a barcode which has all of the info you’ll need to make purchase, including showing stores the amount you’ve been pre-approved for. Your pre-approval lasts 60 days and is valid for one transaction only.

With Little things, you sure can! You can buy as much as you’d like within your spending limit. For Big things, available spend can be bumped back up based on your Terms & Conditions. However, just note that a repurchase fee of $22 is payable on additional buys.

We may take a look at your credit score when you apply, but don’t worry, simply applying for humm won’t affect your score at all or leave a record on your credit file.

In some cases, we take extra precaution if we don’t know much about you – like if you’re new to humm. As we get to know you over time, we may offer to increase your limit.

We’re a responsible provider of credit, which means we need to take a few things into consideration when we assess your application.

An example of something that may affect your application is your repayment history with other lenders and accounts (e.g. telco, utilities, and credit account). Accessing this information helps us determine if you can comfortably meet your repayment requirements.

However, there are other reasons we may choose not to approve your application based on the information you provide. Each case is unique, and we take into consideration additional factors like how much you earn, your spending habits and your employment status in order to make our decision.

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Dealing with retailers

We have a full directory of stores where you can shop with humm on our website.

If you want to cancel a purchase you’ve made, you’ll need to file the request through the retailer. Then, they’ll get in touch with us to process the request.

To file a formal dispute, please send us an email at [email protected] with ‘Attention Manager Regarding Dispute’ in the subject line. In the email, include as much information about your issue as possible. Be sure to include any photos, supporting documents, contact information of people you’ve spoken to at the retailer, and anything else that you feel supports your claim.

Once we’ve received it and are sure we have all of the information we need, we’ll manage it with the retailer directly. The formal dispute process doesn’t stop you from getting information or support from a statutory body or consumer law centre in your state or territory

Not at this stage. You can have one serviced and pay with humm though!

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Fees & charges

You can find the breakdown of all of our Fees and Charges here:

The $8.00 Monthly Account Keeping fee is due on the first business day of the month, only whilst you have an active payment plan with humm that is 5 months or longer.

Yes. You will be charged an $8.00 Monthly Account Keeping fee until the bill has been paid in full.

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Making payments

A payment plan is an ongoing amount you pay for each item you buy. This goes for both Big things and Little things.

For Big things, the store will take a deposit upfront, and then you’ll be able to organise a payment plan to cover the rest of the cost of your purchase.

For Little Things, your deposit is taken as an upfront payment from your humm account, and then you’ll have a reoccurring payment after that.

And don’t forget – humm is interest free, foreverrrr.

Sure is. There’s a calculator on the bottom of this page. Scroll down and pop in the amount you’re planning to spend. You’ll get a few different repayment options based on different repayment periods.  

Yes, you can change an individual upcoming payment by logging into your account on the web or mobile app. On the web, find the repayment and select the calendar icon. On the mobile app, click Pay and choose Move this Payment. Remember, you can only change future dated payments and not ones due today or in the past.

If you would like to change all future payments we ask you to please contact us via email, phone or live chat before your next payment is due.


Unfortunately, we’re not quite set-up yet to process one-off additional payments via our app or online – but it’s coming soon. That said, give us a buzz on 1800 088 151 from 7.30am to 7.30pm Monday through Friday or Saturday between 7.30am and 5.30pm (AEST) and our Support Team can help you out with some options.

You can view the number of remaining payments by logging into your account on the app or web, and clicking on Transactions -> Upcoming and all your future payments (and the scheduled payment dates) will be displayed

Definitely! All you need to do is hit ‘Pay Now’ and you can make early repayments on any active purchase at any time. Just ensure you have an active debit or credit card on your account.

If you don’t have an active card, it’s super easy to add one via the Pay Now feature. Just go to:

Settings > Payment Methods > Add New Card > (fill in the details) > Add Card.

Just note that your bank will place a hold of $1 on your nominated credit card.

Of course. You can pay your outstanding balance at any time without worrying about any additional charges or fees.

Here’s how:

Go to the Payments section of the App or humm website and follow the steps to find your payout amount.

Or, you can transfer the funds to us. Just note that with this option, the transfer needs to be made three days before the scheduled debit date.

Our details:

Bank Name: ANZ
BSB: 012013
Account: 838081174
Account Name: Humm Australia
Transaction Reference: Your purchase number

Once your balance is paid in full – as long as you don’t have any other active purchases – your account will become inactive and there won’t be any additional fees.  

Direct Debits are processed at around 11.30am AEST on the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or national public holiday the debit may be processed on the next available business day. Once we’ve processed the direct debit, your payment will appear as ‘payment pending’ in your humm app until we receive a response from your financial institution.

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My account

All you need to do is log in to your humm account on ether the humm App or website and click on ‘Plan Details’ to find your account balance.

You can change your residential address in Settings >> Personal Details of the app or web portal. To change other details, you’ll need to give us a call.

To change your password, just head to and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. We’ll send you a text, and once you receive it, just follow the steps to confirm your date of birth and you’ll be directed to a reset password link.

You can change the name on your humm account if your name has been legally changed. Just drop us a line at [email protected] with a copy of a marriage certificate, drivers license, passport or birth certificate that shows your legal name.

You cannot change the name or transfer a humm account to another person. 

We’re working on this functionality and it’s coming soon. For now, please give us a buzz on 1800 088 151 from 7.30am to 7.30pm Monday through Friday or Saturday between 7.30am and 5.30pm (AEST) and our Support Team can arrange this for you.

Once you’ve repaid your purchases in full, your account will become inactive with no more fees or charges to pay. If you would like to completely close your account, please call us on 1800 088 151.

Zero. Nothing. Nada. The technical term we use is ‘nil balance’. If this is the case for you, it may mean that you may need to either add a credit card or apply for a Boost.

We are PCI compliant and your account data is encrypted and protected, with advanced web application firewall capability to protect our systems from threats and attacks.

If you don’t recognize the sender or you’re uncertain about the authenticity of an email, don’t open it. You also shouldn’t click on any links or open attachments within the email.

To change your mobile number we request that you call our support team on 1800 088 151 from 7.30am to 7.30pm (AEST) Monday through Friday or Saturday between 7.30am and 5.30pm (AEST) and our Support Team can arrange this for you.

To update your email address you can contact us via email, phone or live chat.

To be able to BPAY a bill with humm, you first need to establish a good payment history with us over a period of time.

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