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I have switched eCommerce platforms. Can I still use humm?

I have switched eCommerce platforms. Can I still use humm?

You currently have humm on your website but will be migrating to a new platform soon or may have already. If this is the case, as soon as the new platform is confirmed get in touch with us and we can confirm if we have an availability integration for the new platform.

We can then send you the steps to install humm on your new platform and test credentials if required prior to your website update.

If your new platform does not have humm available as a payment integration, we will let you know promptly after notification. In this scenario, you could look at a custom API integration and we can provide our API documentation or we will let you know if we have any plans to add that platform to our available integration list in the near future.

Please see our Developer Hub here for a list of available platform. If your platform is not on the list, please contact us here and we will review your options.

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