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Is humm a responsible lender?

As a lender, humm has a responsibility to make sure we only provide credit to customers who can afford it. It is important that we always make sure that you are using humm in a sustainable way, without causing you financial difficulty.

It would not be responsible for us to lend to everyone, every time they applied for a humm loan, and so we have checks in place to ensure we are able to lend to you in a responsible way.

This means that when you apply to humm, we will review the details provided in your application and also consider your previous credit history, along with other factors. We do this to ensure that we have the best possible understanding of your circumstances to make sure the loan is right for you.

Please be aware that humm's lending criteria may change over time, and we know that your circumstances may change too. We review every new application, and so if you have repaid a humm loan previously, it does not necessarily mean you will be guaranteed another loan with us.

When your credit history is reviewed as part of the application process, humm will leave a record of our search on your credit file. If you are successful in applying for a loan and sign a credit agreement, we are also required to show this on your credit file. We do this to ensure that other lenders know that you have a credit agreement with humm, so that they can make accurate assessments about your situation too.

Transparency is also an important part of being a responsible lender. This is why humm will always show you the expected total cost of your loan, along with its instalments, before you sign our credit agreement.

humm will only ever charge the interest we agree with you upfront, and any other charges will be clearly explained in your credit agreement.

If you have any questions about humm's approach to lending responsibly, or the contents of your credit agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us here

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