How can I find a partner’s ring size without asking?

Finding a partner’s ring size without them knowing can be tricky, but not impossible. Follow our guide on how to measure ring size without ruining the surprise.

Note: For engagement ring purchases, you want to ensure you get the size right. It is also recommended to check whether the ring you are looking at can be resized or exchanged before deciding.

To acquire the information, subtilty is key!

It may be one of the easiest ways, but to get an approximate ring size, use of one their other ring as a reference. The best time will be when your partner is away, so they won’t notice the missing ring. Take it straight to the jewellery store for measurement or use an online size chart from your jewellery store. It is important to note which finger/hand your partner wears the said ring on, as finger on the dominant hand can vary.

  • Check for sizing stamps inside the ring
    Certain brands come with the sizing stamped on the inside if you are lucky!

  • Order a ring sizer online
    Many retailers sell complimentary ring sizer, or you can download ring size guides from retailer websites to help determine the ring size of a loved one.

  • Involve a friend or family member
    You can also ask a friend/mother to help you in your investigation, or to shop with you, but be sure to be discreet in your meetings.

  • Ask someone who’s been engaged and has similar frame
    Ask someone outside of their circle if you want to keep it a surprise, they surely will have some experiences to share that will help you in your decision.

  • Measure them while they are asleep
    The best way to go about this, is to tie a piece of string around their finger. This method is risky and require some serious stealth but will give you an accurate result.

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