What are the three types of diamonds?

Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are formed far beneath earth’s surface with intense pressure and heat. Those diamonds are made entirely of crystals and carbon and are typically colourless. Natural diamonds are like little time capsules, what makes them exquisite and even more remarkable is that they are billions of years old.

Treated diamonds

Also known as enhanced diamonds, they are similar to natural diamonds but have undergo a special treatment to improve clarity or to alter the colour.

Fracture filing is the most common diamond treatment used to enhance the diamond’s clarity. The diamond’s cavity is filled with a substance like silicon, resin and other compounds to improve the appearance of the diamond. Other treatments include, laser drilling, irradiation, annealing and coating.

Man-made diamonds/Mined diamond alternatives

Diamond Simulants or Mined Diamond alternatives are gems specifically grown in a lab to replicate the inherent spectacular properties of its mined cousins.

These amazing stones are generally a mineral base and are graded using the 4C’s.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced, these gems are often a D, Flawless, Ideal Cut stone.  Depending on the type of simulant, these gems are designed to be worn and treated exactly the same as a mined gem.  Ranging in hardness from 8-9 on the Moh’s Scale of hardness, these stones are grown to be worn and loved for a lifetime.

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