How long will installation take?

The solar installation time can vary

  • Start by choosing an experienced company
  • Arrange a general visit; a representative will come and evaluate your home and energy needs, the direction and size of your roof to coordinate the placement of your solar panels. This process takes about two weeks. At this stage there should be an agreement that outlines the products to be supplied and a date should be set for the work to start after completion of the cooling off period.
  • The solar company can then request with the relevant approvals from the local network distributor (these vary from state to state) for the size of inverter and any storage that will be installed. This process takes between one week and a month depending on which distributor you are situated in.
  • The Solar installation Company should also notify your electricity provider to tell them that the addition of a small scale generation assets (Solar System) is being installed at your property – this will require a meter change and, in most instances, will likely be charged direct to you by the electricity retailer.
  • Once your approval is granted, the solar installer can allocate the equipment outlined on the agreement that is required to complete the installation. Depending on the availability at the time, or if the equipment is coming from overseas this process could be delayed, however the agreement at point of sale should outline if any delays are likely to occur. This should be factored into the decision making process. Most reputable Solar installation companies will have access to stock within a couple of days from local wholesalers or their own warehouses.
  • The next step is scheduling the actual installation. Once a date is agreed upon, the process will only take a day for up to 6 weeks for the installation, but can depend on many factors such as the type of solar system (micro inverters or optimised panels will take longer), the location of the solar panels (very steep rooflines or 2 storey properties are difficult to work on and require additional safety protocols), the electric meter, and may require more time because it requires additional work or you are having a battery installed along with your solar.
  • Post installation you may be required to wait for the solar system to have an inspection before being able to have it switched on and generating free electricity from the sun. Once the system is switched on – there is no more to do, other than check your bills to see the reduced amount spent on your power.

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