What solar rebates are available?

They are small scale Renewable Energy Scheme and feed in tariffs.

Small scale renewable energy scheme

Location available ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA.

Households and small business across Australia that install a small scale renewable energy system (Solar, wind or hydro) or eligible hot water system may be able to receive a number of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The number of STCs you receive depends on the expected output of the installation over the course of its lifetime as well as the geographical regions of the premise.

Roughly speaking you can expect around 12.5 STC per kW – at an average value of $36 per STC or $447 per kW. This will change every January as they are slowly phased out – STC’s are scheduled to end in 2030. In 2022 rebates can be calculated on 10 years of operation. Each year the calculation will remove 1 year of operation until 2030. So approx. 10% per year reduction of the rebate can be expected.

These STCs can be sold to electricity retailers, who are acquired by law to purchase a quota of STCs each year. The easiest way to sell these certificates is by allowing your installer to sell them on your behalf in exchange for a lower return.

Feed-in tariffs

The feed-in tariff you receive will depend on your location, tariff type and retailer.

Solar panels alone don’t store electricity collected from the sun, meaning any energy you don’t immediately use will feed on to the energy network. In exchange for this, your energy retailer and the state government will supply you with a feed-in tariff, which is a small rebate on your electricity bill for each kWh your solar system exported.

Other rebates you might be eligible for

There are federal and state rebates available for rooftop solar and battery storage which can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a solar system.

To check your eligibility, visit the Federal Government’s energy rebates webpage.

Generally, when you receive a quote for a solar or battery storage system, the retailer will show any rebate amount that you are receiving.

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