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How do I apply for credit with humm?

If you are interested in applying for humm, you can do so easily by visiting our website or mobile app. The application process is quick, easy, and entirely online. Many applicants receive an instant decision about their application.
Here are the steps to apply for a humm account:
    1. Visit our website.
    2. Click on the "Apply Now" button or link, which will take you to our application form.
    3. Fill out the application form with your personal details, such as your name, address, and contact information. You will also be asked to provide your employment details and financial information to determine your eligibility.
    4. Once you have completed the application, submit it for review. You will receive a decision on your application, and if approved, you can start using your humm credit right away. For more information on completing your purchase click here
humm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are committed to responsible lending practices and will ensure that your application is processed with the highest level of security and confidentiality.
Please note that while we strive to provide an instant decision on your application, in some cases, we may require additional information to fully assess if the loan is right for you. If this is the case, our team may reach out to you for more information. Please provide the information requested as soon as possible, so that the team can review your application and ensure that the loan is right for you.
If you have any questions or require assistance with your application, please contact us here

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