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What is a Credit Search and how does it impact me?

We will be sharing your personal data with one or more Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) who will perform checks using public sources of data and this will leave a footprint on your records at the CRAs which will be visible to other providers of credit/other lenders/other organisations should they perform checks (full details are in our Privacy Policy available at https://shophumm.com/uk/privacy)”

The credit check is commonly referred to as a “hard credit search”. The information provided by the CRA assists us to assess whether the repayments on your proposed loan will be sustainable and affordable. 

We provide your personal information to a Credit Reference Agency (CRA) and the CRA returns us the credit information that has been matched to you.  The information will include your credit score as well as other credit and public information that is available from your credit file.

The hard credit search will be recorded by the CRA and can be seen on your credit file.  It may impact your credit score and will be visible to other lenders. 

We perform a hard credit check for each new application that is submitted for assessment. Too many hard credit searches on your credit file, conducted in a short period of time, could have a negative impact on your credit score.

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