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What are some reasons why a credit application may be turned down, and how can I find out more about my credit score and report?

humm believes in treating customers fairly and ensuring that we act as a responsible lender is always at the forefront of our decision making. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that we are unable to approve a credit application.

There are many reasons why we may have turned down your application for credit, these include:

  • Your credit score is not strong enough
  • Negative information on your credit file, such as records of payments you’ve missed
  • A decision was made that you would not be able to afford to repay the credit you have applied for
  • Information on your file suggesting fraudulent activity
  • A question mark about your identity or address
  • Our legal or policy condition

If you feel as through the above does not apply to you, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] and our team can look into the decision further.

To find out more about your own personal credit score, please visit either www.transunion.co.uk or www.creditkarma.co.uk where you can view your own credit report which may give you a further insight into why your application was unsuccessful.

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