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Looking to switch to a more renewable energy source or get extra value out of your home? Shop solar panels for sale, manufactured by Australia’s top solar inverters and specialists and pay in easy, interest-free instalments with humm.

No matter how big or small your energy consumption or whether you live in the Northern Territory or New South Wales, our sunburnt country provides the perfect environment to ‘go solar’. Aside from its many environmental benefits, investing in 0 interest solar panels will save you thousands on your power bills in the long run.

The benefits of switching to solar energy include:

  • A reliable form of sustainable energy. Especially in sunny Australia, solar energy offers consistent energy production, rarely experiences failure, and can provide up to 25 years of use!
  • Reduces your carbon footprint. Minimise your carbon emission and bring down your dependence on harmful fossil fuels.
  • Lowers your electricity bills over time. You can save around $300 to $500 on your quarterly bill with a cost-efficient and sustainable 6.6kW solar panel system.
  • Increases your property value. In Australia, solar panel installation can add up to $29,000 to the value of your residential property.
  • Overall low maintenance costs. Aside from the occasional clean every two years, you can expect little spending on repair and maintenance. Annual inspections of solar panels should be no more than $150.

humm Solar merchants

According to the Clean Energy Council (CEC), over 400 accredited leading solar panel companies operate within Australia, several of which are humm partners. You can pay for solar in easy instalments with humm when you purchase solar from Smart Energy Group, PowerSmart Solutions, SunEnergy, Solar Naturally and iinergy, to name a few.

With top-of-the-line solar and PV systems for your home, each of our accredited solar panel merchants offers extensive experience and expertise and fully adheres to CEC’s code of conduct and best installation practices. They provide solar panel systems that have been manufactured by a CEC accredited systems designer, feature warranty systems for a minimum of five years, as well as provide 100% transparent customer service.

With humm, you can search for a PV system that best meets your energy profile and budget and then apply for and buy solar panels using affordable repayment instalments which are always interest-free.

humm is proud to say that all available PV systems and solar panels for sale are covered by the Solar Panel Product Warranty, the Performance Warranty, and Inverter Product/Manufacturer Warranty and follow Australian and International installation standards. All our merchants have signed on, so you can buy now pay later solar panels with confidence with humm!

How much do 0 interest solar panels cost?

The cost to buy solar panels in major Australian capitals averages around $5100 for standard 5kW systems. However, prices can reach up to $11,000 depending on how sunny the territory or state you live in. If you’d prefer not to pay for such a significant investment upfront, humm is here to help with a flexible repayment plan.

With no additional interest charge, the Humm shopping experience lets you focus on saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint, rather than worrying about the cost of your solar panels, or the cost of credit. It’s just another way the humm is The Bigger Buy Now Pay Later, there to help with finance for little essential items from $1 right up to bigger buys (like solar panels) up to $30,000.

For any solar panels for sale under $2000, you can use humm Little things to finance your investment by making regular repayments in either 5 fortnightly or 10 weekly slices. If your solar panels and PV system purchase is over $10,000, you can get in-store approval to buy now and pay later through a 6, 12, 24, or 60-month repayment plan, with no interest added.

It’s not just 0 Interest solar panels that you can Buy Now Pay Later with humm. Whether you’re looking for extra automotive parts, home and improvement hardware, electrical appliances, or even fashion and homeware goods, when you shop with humm, you can enjoy a better online shopping experience with our flexible Buy Now Pay Later instalments.

Unsure how to shop with humm? Head on over to our FAQs for more information. 

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